PhysioMobile Malaysia offers physiotherapy treatment to your home in Shah Alam and Johor Bahru.

You do not have to go anywhere.
No need to worry about transportation.
No need to worry about traffic congestion.

You just have to wait at home and we will come to you for treatment.


The sooner you get treatment, the higher your chances to recover completely!

What Is The Treatment Process At Physiomobile Malaysia?

First of all, the therapist will ask you some questions related to your problems and record all your health history and how your injuries can occur. Next, the therapist will examine you objectively through observation and conduct physical tests based on a certain outcome measure
Treatment for back pain problems will focus on reducing pain and increasing the range of your spinal joint movement using the manual technique physiotherapy treatment and structured and focused exercise program. Additionally, the treatment session will also focus on improving the posture of the patient as well as teaching you to modify your way of life to suit your circumstances.
In the consultation session, the therapist will explain to patients and guardians about the condition of the patient including the cause of the problems experienced based on the anatomical and physiological sciences, how to avoid repeating the problems and prescription work at home

Flexible treatment time, 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Treatment to your home or at our clinic

Effective treatment by using manual technique physiotherapy

Trained therapists and graduates of undergraduate degree in physiotherapy

1-1 treatment, one therapist for one patient

Female patients will only be treated by female therapists and vice versa

Lokasi Strategic location of clinic and can be easily found by all

4.9/5 ratings from over 10,000 patients

You have tried to find a variety of treatments but the pain still exists?

PHYSIOMOBILEMY is your best choice !! We offer the best physiotherapy treatment for your back pain problems using manual technique physiotherapy that is widely used in developed countries and guaranteed to be effective!

We will help reduce your back pain, reduce the feeling of tightness on your back, reduce your numbness and help you to return to the optimal daily activity level!

Get Immediate Treatment For The Best Effects!! The sooner you get the treatment, the higher your chance to recover completely!


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