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What is Wry Neck? Symptoms and Treatments That You Need to be Aware of

Is your head or neck always in an abnormal, asymmetrical position? Do you often get neck cramps with burning sensations? Beware! Those are the signs that you might have a wry neck!

Curious to know more about the condition? Continue reading this article as we will help you identify its causes, symptoms as well as the treatments patients can seek to overcome it.

What is Wry Neck and What Causes It?

wry neck

Wry neck is a twisting of the neck that causes the head to rotate and tilt at an odd angle. This condition is also known as torticollis or loxia and can be either present at birth or acquired.

An individual with a wry neck may experience discomfort and pain especially when putting their head up straight or when bending their neck to the unaffected side.

This happens when the muscle in charge of controlling the neck is locked into a sustained involuntary contraction. This causes twisting, repetitive movements, or abnormal posturing of the neck.

Wry neck can also happen to anyone after a muscle or nervous system injury due to the damage caused to the neck muscles or blood supply.

Other common causes of wry neck include infection of a patient’s head or neck. This leads to muscle contraction, abscesses in the throat or upper airway and infections of other parts of the body.

In addition, wry neck may also be caused by:

  • sleeping in an awkward position
  • neck muscle injury at birth
  • burn injury
  • injuries that cause heavy scarring and skin or muscle shrinkage
  • neck muscle spasm

Sure, the symptoms sometimes go away without treatment, but there’s also a possibility for the pain to prolong.

Symptoms of Wry Neck

wry neck

Wry neck symptoms can start slowly and may vary from one person to another. However, they can also get worse over time. The most apparent sign identified is the neck twisting or tilting to one side.

Some of other common symptoms of the condition include:

  • painful or tense neck muscles
  • neck cramps or burning sensations in the neck
  • inability to turn or bend their head and neck to the opposite side
  • eyes looking up without control
  • tongue sticking out without control
  • jerky muscle spasms and head and neck movements
  • back pain
  • headaches


wry neck

Currently, there is no known way of avoiding the condition from happening. However, the symptoms can be prevented from getting worse by seeking immediate treatment from professionals. 

Acquired wry neck can be treated according to its cause if it’s known. The congenital forms of wry neck can be improved by stretching the neck muscles. 

Not only that, the symptoms of wry neck can also be reduced by massaging and applying heat to the area as well as undergoing physical therapy or chiropractic care.

Stretching and wearing neck braces to support your head may also help lessen the pain and discomfort.

Other than that, patients may also find medication helpful in treating the condition. 

Muscle relaxants, pain medications and botulinum toxin injections are some of the medications used by doctors to treat patients with wry neck.

Furthermore, in cases of chronic neck muscle spasms, doctors would normally prescribe botulinum A toxin, also known as Botox, which prevents the muscles from contracting. 

However, if other forms of treatment do not work, patients can always opt for surgeries such as:

  • fusing abnormal vertebrae
  • lengthening neck muscles
  • cutting nerves or muscles
  • using deep brain stimulation to interrupt nerve signals (often carried out to treat severe cases)

In conclusion, wry neck can be easily developed after a muscle or nervous system injury. As a result, patients may feel excruciating pain and difficulty performing daily tasks.

Therefore, it is always best to get early treatment!

Now that you are aware of the signs and symptoms of wry neck as well as the treatment needed to treat it, it is highly advisable to take quick action before the condition gets worse!

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